AI Driven
Fraud Risk Management

Detect risk and fraud
in visual, audio and other unstructured data

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Our Solution

Focused on Human-readable Risk Indicators

LibraX AI delivers precise explanations of how and why decisions were made to business decision makers and regulators.

  • Transparent and regulator friendly
  • Ethical prediction outcomes
  • Real-time Decision with Confidence Score

Value Proposition

Applying Machine Learning to visual, audio, and other unstructured data, and Big Data processing to millions of records and data instances.

  • Computer Vision on Cognitive Recognition and Forensics
  • Deep learning based Voice Biometrics
  • Natural Language Process for Semantic Analysis
  • Knowledge Graph with Big Data Processing
How it’s work

How Does LibraX.ai Solution Works

Structured and Unstructured Data

Billions of records and various Data sources

A new breed of algorithms

Computer Vision, Speech Recognition, NLP and Knowledge Graph.

AI-Driven Decision Making

The prediction result is explained by human readable indicators and is regulator friendly.