Risk and Fraud ID Verification

Risk IDs are legit credentials which could be either expired, missing corner, photo copy from paper or screenshot. 

Fraud IDs are counterfeit IDs, which have been photoshopped, altered or created by unauthorized source.

Improved ID verification efficiency

LibraX deploys a proprietary, hybrid of deterministic and probabilistic ML algorithms combined into a multi-factor decomposition, demarcation, and validation process that includes, facial recognition, liveness determination, Document forensics, data extraction, identity document analysis, IP address inspection, data confirmation and fraud detection.

Doc Liveness Detection

Using Machine Learning to detect the image is taken from the original ID, paper copy or screenshot.

Barcode Scan and Template free OCR

Using Machine Learning to detect the text from images and compare the barcode data.

Doc Forensics

Using AI technique to defect or photoshop ID

Face Recognition

To detect facial information from the ID and check the risk associated with it.

Challenges We Solve

LibraX powers secure, real-time visual ID verification and end-to-end risk detection to securely convert new users instantly and verify existing users for high risk transactions or events. 

  • Deep Learning detects multiple layers of suspicious pattern
  • Risk Prediction on Various Data Sources
  • Directly Learn from Fake ID providers
  • No blackbox: Uses human-readable risk indicators